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My biggest goal as an Engineer is to never stop learning, and work on cool stuff. Here's a couple of things I'm good at:

Fast Learner

Through my career I have been on a never ending quest to learn new things that excites me and feels fresh. As a Software engineer, this great because new tools and frameworks are coming out very frequently. With me on the team you get someone who think it's a privilege to learn about new things and will jump at the opportunity to do so.


During the course of my carees I learnt the value of clear and concise exchange of information. Many meetings are just wasted on missunderstandings and useless talking about things not related to getting the work done. I absolutely hate wasting time, and as such, clear concise and structured communication is religion.

True Technologist

With a Msc. in Electrical Engineering and many years working in several technology fields, I have a solid foundation of computer science. It is important to bring in as many perspectives to a project as possible. With me you will have someone who can think from the Silicon structures, through the machine code, Asembly code and up to the top level fluffy stuff like JavaScript.

Getting things done

I dislike spending time on discussions that does not bring any real value. I've seen the impact on a project which dives too deep into the details and (as we all know), it's not pretty. I'm big on tools that actually makes working more effective, and try to exclude everything else. Let's face it, our brains are lazy. It needs dicipline to trick our brains to keep delivering, and I like to keep the momentum up!

I'm constantly experimenting with new things, give me a follow or join the through the magic of open-source on GitHub.

Latest Projects

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React Native Storybook Boilerplate


Building a UI library for React Native together with storybook is a good experience, but it's hard to display the components on the web, therefore I want to transpile the react-native component through the react-native-web project so I can display them easily on the web. It's the ultimate library development setup meant for kickstarting ui library development for react-native.

react native
react native web
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