Startup trying to distrupt the real estate market in Sweden by offering a better realtor service with transparent and easy pricing.

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work duties.

Except the CTO, I was the first engineer they hired and as such I have worked on all parts of the stack and essentially filled any role needed to move forward. We have been shipping code to production weekly without stop for the last years.


  • Grew tech team 2x
  • Grew the amount of user onboardings 4x
  • Created analytics service from scratch, handling 100s of collection points accross platforms.

the stack.

  • Mobile App - React Native
  • Website - React, SSR+CSR, Graphql
  • Backend - Express.js, Apollo Server / GraphQL / Postgresql
  • Analytics service - Nest.js, MongoDB / Mongoose, Graphql
  • Devops - Google cloud platform