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I think the best way of learning is by getting down to coding and build. I really appreciate feedback on anything that I have built!

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Ignis by Tiket

Events management app. This app helps to support ToDo Partners by giving robust functionality in managing their inventory orders. You can easily find customer information and ticket redemption details in real-time. Architected by a beloved tech-lead who sadly departed the team, otherwise I'm the only developer on the apps. iOS coming soon.

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The Native picker on Android is a modal / dropdown design which is vastly different from the native iOS picker. In my current project we wanted a design more similar to the iOS native picker, and thus I created this Scroll Picker as a replacement on Android, but it works equally well on iOS for instance as an alternative to @react-native-community/picker native iOS picker module.

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Hit the ground running with this powerful production worthy REST Backend API Boilerplate. Comes with user models, password hashing and sending JWT. Stack: Node, Express, MongoDB+Mongoose.

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Hit the ground running with this powerful production worthy Graphql Backend Boilerplate. Comes with basic user models & resolvers, password hashing etc. Scale-able file-structure.

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Django-React Fullstack Notemanager

Fullstack REST-API Notemanager app running Django as a backend and react for building the UI. The REST-API is built using the Django Rest API framework and the JSX is served as a single page into Django Template using webpack. Instructions for local setup in repo.

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Gatsby React Currency Wallet

A coding challenge where I was gived the task of creating an electronic wallet holding several currencies. The scaffolding was created using Gatsby.js, the UI components come from Material-UI Library.

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Official Gatsby.js Starter

After completing this portfolio site, I forked the project, changed the content to make it into a starter template and got my pull-request accepted into the offical Gatsby.js project in Github. After I also joined the official maintainers team of the project.

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React Mortgage Calculator

While I was buying my apartment in Sweden, I always made the calculations by hand because I could not find a calculator that gave the whole picture. Tools: create-react-app; Bootstrap4; Material-UI

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React Search image-API App

This app uses Axios to search Pixabay API for images, and displays them in a grid below. Also uses Material-UI pre-built components for some styling.

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React Weather-API App

This app uses async-await + fetch to grab weather data from open API. Bootstrap 4 CSS classes are used for styling

Carl-W. Igelstroem

I'm a Swedish developer living in Hangzhou, China. I can help you build and grow your next product

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